I have found there are three basic ways to start. First, you can work with an existing prayer movement/ministry/church with a goal of establishing 24/7 prayer. Others like to start with some sort of leadership team/council(s) that meets regularly. In this case we start by focusing on leadership principles and and forming councils starting with the 7 spheres and the 5 fold. Finally, we believe the best way is to launch both the prayers and councils at once is through a 1Church1Day Kick Off where the vision is presented, councils are formed and people are equipped and sent to mobilize more churches in their community.

  • Individuals and families volunteer to watch and pray reporting what they see and hear in prayer.
  • Leaders and ministers form teams of councils who determine what to pray and do in each of the 7 spheres of society.
  • League administrators are prayer leaders who manage the watch, support the leaders and create reports using the 1Church1Day Community Prayer Transformation System. The 1Church1Day system includes a leadership dashboard which an administrator uses to manage the watch and support their teams. The 1Church1Day app connects everyone to that system.
  • League owners acquire a customized version of the 1Church1Day system that is localized for use by their church, ministry, network, organization, city, county, state etc. They give their league their own name such as Lane County Kingdom League, or the Orlando Kingdom League. They assign someone to serve as a league administrator and use this system to form teams of churches who pray and teams of leaders who form councils. These teams of councils determine prayer targets and assign metrics so they can measure the effectiveness of their prayers.

This occurs when your phone is out of range of your phone service or you are not connected to WiFi. With no service it cannot display any information.  As soon as you have phone service the information will display properly. 

In a future upgrade we will add code that will download the decrees, prayer alerts, and reports so that you will be able to work with this offline.