The Strategy

1C1D Builds our Father's House of Prayer for all Nations

God's Presence Changes Everything!

This strategy is a modern expression of an ancient pattern inspired by King David on Zion. Leaders from over 36 nations have reported it helped them in launch houses of prayer, plant churches, transform their communities and unite the Church from Presbyterian to Pentecostal and from Catholic to Charismatic. It is powerful, effective, reproducible and cross cultural. For the history of this strategy an example of results click Operation Rolling Thunder (ORT).

1Church1Day continues to build upon the success of ORT by offering an app with a new team building concept. This system will serve to increase the power and effectiveness of churches and kingdom minded people who desire to see the Church united and collaborating together to invite God's abiding presence in their community while strategically impacting the 7 spheres (mountains) of society. Below you'll find the 3 main elements.

The 1Church1Day app and its corresponding new online training is scheduled to be released by November 2016.

Continual Prayer Builds God's House

We use a simple 4 step strategy inspired by King David & Nehemiah to build a wall of prayer and set a watch, family by family and church by church.

Councils are formed in the Seven Spheres

The strategy initiates a process that enables leaders to form councils and take the first steps to develop prayer and action strategies appropriate for their community.

Leagues Form Teams Which Produce Measurable Results

This provides a pathway for any church or community unite their teams of churches and councils.